The Pro Team

Ever wonder where the pro's as well as celebrities go to get away from it all when they want to let lose and hit the trails? You found it! Not only do they enjoy coming to the Hideout, they liked it so much they have joined our team. Follow them on social media to watch their careers grow and see some epic photos from trips they take to the Hideout and the trails. Just a little piece of advice... like and follow them on their social medial page for exclusive discounts and to find out when you could possibly meet them in person at the Hideout.

Meet The Team


Tony Baber

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You never know where you will find Tony. He my live in Ohio, but you will find him on the road every weekend hitting the water while we hit the woods. Tony needs a break from time to time just like we do. This year he is traveling to Southeastern KY to hit the trails and catch some small mouth. Follow Tony on social medial to learn more about his other sponsors and where you can catch him in action next. 


"The Swon Brothers"
Colton & Zach

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Do you like the voice? Did you watch season 3? Then you know these guys! Yea, we know Zach and Colton... and when they want to get away from the wild ride playing shows night after night for a couple of days. They start their adventure at Hatfield's Hideout. Colton, Caroline, Zach, and their fur babies made their first trip July of 2020. Be sure to follow them on Social media to catch their next show and possibly be here when they come again. 


Eddie J Stokes "Bassin Ain’t EZ"

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I'm best known as Bassin Ain't EZ I'm from Fort Walton Beach FL. Avid angler in Northern Virgina so if you ever up this way feel free to hit me up and we can hit the water.I love the whole process and challenge of Bass fishing from getting
skunked to figuring them out. The fact that there is always something to learn
keeps me motivated to press on and continue to grow.


Shane Lineberger
Bassmaster Elite

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You will find Shane making a living on the water chasing fish everywhere from New York to Texas. When he is not on the water he is on the road to Hatfield's Hideout to hit the trails and the river. Be sure to follow Shane on his social media pages as he will be offering specials to the Hideout and on other sponsored items as well. 


Korey Mc Nees and Dave Loomis

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These guys enjoy everything outdoors literally from field to table. They are avid outdoors men that have love to be in the mountains as much as we do. These guys do everything from hunting and fishing to camping and riding. Korey is a retired Marine and loves his country, still serving as an active reserve. Dave has a passion for fishing the Great Lakes and keeping predators in check as he practices conservation through predator control. Be sure to follow these guys on social medial for special offers and more from their partners


Melvin Jiggetts
Professional bass fisherman

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Melvin's passion for outdoors runs deep, but his love and devotion to his lord and savior is second to none. We are pleased to have him as part of out team, sharing the love for the trails, the woods, and the water. Be sure to click over to Melvin's Social media pages and follow him for exclusive offers from his sponsors and when he may be in the area doing a ride.